Three Products to GET NEW CLIENTS

We help you gain new clients in four ways. Included with all our services are a secure and safe client portal that allows you to exchange documents safely and securely with your clients. Why wait, start adding clients now.

Introductory offer: Free Bronze Directory Listing for 1 year. Get it NOW.


Get new clients by accepting bids in the marketplace. Start a conversation with the TaxFiler by entering few comments when accepting or making a counter-offer, and providing additional information that may be relevant in the Tax Filer selecting you. If the TaxFiler selects you, you got a new client.

PAY ONLY WHEN YOU GET A NEW CLIENT. Try the MarketPlace without any risks. Pay a small percentage of the transaction amount as fees only when you get a new client.


Get new clients by getting access to engaged prospects with tax questions. You answer tax question online and if requested set up a time for a 30 minute discussion on each tax issue. If you are too good and the Tax Filer becomes your clients, voila you got a new customer. Are you ready for your tax related question?


Get new clients by having your directory listing show up on top in search results increasing the likelihood of the prospect contacting you. is the leading place where tax filers are searching for tax professionals and selecting the Tax Pro based on their profile, reviews, ratings and reactions. Included in the directory listing product are the following:

  • TOP PLACEMENT. Appear at the top of the search results when clients are looking for tax professionsals.

  • CLIENT PORTAL. Exchange documents safely and securely with your clients.

  • REFFERAL REWARDS. Reward your existing clients for giving referrals and leverage a time tested strategy.

  • MILE TRACK AND RECEIPT MANAGER. Increase engagement with your existing clients by giving them mile tracker and receipt manager so they can keep a log of all their business miles and never business deduction for misplacing a receipt.

  • PROMOTIONS. Manage excess capacity by offering promotions to new clients.

  • VANITY PAGE. Your own webpage with vanity link ( No website, no worries.