This web app allows you to save your important tax documents safely and securely in the cloud for easy access across all your devices. And your documents are safe and secure, encrpted end-to-end with SSL and AES-256. While Tax Caddy is not a replacement for Google Drive, One Drive, or DropBox, it is good for saving very important living documents for quick access, easy share, and writing notes over time.

Examples of Important Documents:

  • Financial documents such as W2s, 1099-DIVS, Adjustable Year Rate Determination Letter, Certificate of Deposits, and other important documents.
  • HSA and FSA receipts for reimbursement. Use Receipt Track if you want line-item breakdown of your receipts.
  • Employment documents such as offer letter, drug test results, letters for raise, recognitions and recommendations, and other important documents.
  • Personal documents such as Driver's License, Proof of Insurance, Vehicle Registration Card, Credit Card and other important documents.
  • Educational documents such Diplomas, Course Certificates, Transcript, and other important documents.


Direct upload from the phone camera. No need to save it to disk before uploading.


Share easily with others using Contacts.

Send a temporary document link along with a message to anybody with an email address.

Works on all devices.


Collaborate with people such as lawyers, accountants on documents via conversations.

Write your own notes over time about the document and make it living. Comes in handy for keeping track of gift card balance or movie tickets left on a bulk voucher purchased from Costco.