About FindTaxPro

Findtaxpro makes the process of doing and filing your taxes easy. It helps you get maximum refund and pass an audit without any stress.

Tax time is dreadful, and we want to make the process easy and less stressful. As a small business owner, or a professional with a additional income coming from an AirBnB or rental property or Uber driving you have to save receipts and documents for all your business expenses for maximum refund. You gather all your tax-related documents, receipts of all business expenses, and estimate the business miles driven in your car. Then you decide if you want to do it yourself or have someone do it for you. We simplify this process!

Technology can help here. FindTaxPro makes the process of tax preparation and filing less stressful, and currently offers the following capabilities to simplify tax preparation:

  1. Validate that an IRS CERTIFIED Tax Pro is preparing your taxes
  2. Choose the RIGHT TAXPRO through reviews, community votes, and professional qualifications
  3. Save, manage, and find all your tax documents and receipts easily from a mobile device with RECEIPTS & DOCS
  4. Track all your business miles with MILETRACK
  5. Save on tax preparation costs by taking advantage of PROMOTIONS
  6. Earn REFFERAL REWARDS offered by your tax professional
  7. Share your documents with the tax-professional SAFELY and SECURELY

Over the next few months, we are going to launch more transformative services that will make the tax-filing process even less painful. Few projects on the plate are answering of tax questions through machine learning and artificial intelligence, supply and demand based pricing for tax-preparation during tax-time, and shared access to a tax-professional throughout the year for a nominal monthly fee.

That's us. However, if you have used a tax-professional last year, may I request you to write a review and say thanks to them for a job well done.